The Philippine military confirmed that Chinese ships had a “dangerous confrontation” with Philippine ships in the offshore waters of the Philippines

WASHINGTON —  The Philippine Coast Guard confirmed on Friday (April 28) that the Guard vessel encountered a Chinese Coast Guard ship in the South China Sea last weekend, and that a Chinese vessel “performed dangerous maneuvers” at a close range of only about 45 meters from the Philippine vessel. “, and two other Chinese ships … Read more

After the phone call between Xi Jinping and Zelensky, the Russian army launched missile and drone attacks on many places in Ukraine

WASHINGTON —  The Russian army invading Ukraine launched another missile and drone attack on Ukraine early on Friday (April 28), killing at least 16 people. Most of the victims were killed because two Russian missiles hit a residential building in central Ukraine. Killed, including three children. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has also become the … Read more

Setting red lines for artificial intelligence, China’s AI may be in a dilemma

TAIPEI-  The 6th Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou on April 27, and many AI artificial intelligence products were unveiled. However, the Chinese government has only recently drawn a red line for the management of generative artificial intelligence, requiring that it must “reflect socialist values”. Analysts said that this may put China’s AI development … Read more

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong: I hope there will be more exchanges between the dioceses of Hong Kong and Beijing

 PrintAmid tensions between the Vatican and China, the bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Hong Kong said on Thursday (April 20) during a historic trip to Beijing that he hoped for more exchanges and cooperation between the dioceses of the two cities. Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK reported that Bishop Stephen Chow made the … Read more

Japan announces new maritime policy to strengthen maritime security in response to threats from China, Russia and North Korea

WASHINGTON —  The Japanese government cabinet on Friday (April 28) approved a maritime policy covering the next five years, emphasizing the need to strengthen maritime security, including enhancing the capabilities of the Coast Guard and strengthening cooperation with the Maritime Self-Defense Force in order to better deal with China’s invasion of Japan. Japan’s surrounding waters … Read more

Australia’s Defense Strategy turns short-range defenses into long-range offenses to address regional threats

TAIPEI-  Australia has unveiled its biggest defense overhaul in decades in response to changing geopolitics. Experts believe that Australia’s plan to strengthen its navy and air force demonstrates its intention for national defense independence and actively joins the democratic camp in the Indo-Pacific region to jointly deal with the threats posed by China’s rise. Redefining Defense … Read more

Huangpu Jiangfeng: Behind the mediation call, a special relationship between China and Russia is taking shape

Editor’s note: This is an opinion piece written by Jiang Feng for Voice of America. This guest commentary does not reflect the views of Voice of America. Reprinters please indicate that they are from Voice of America or VOA. When the Russo-Ukrainian war broke out for more than 400 days, and both sides in the Ukrainian battlefield … Read more

“Zero-clearing policy” hit China hard and hasn’t fully recovered, college graduates find it hard to find a job, crowding temples to pray

TAIPEI-  People lined up hundreds of meters long around some temples across China on the holiday weekend. Depressed young believers are praying for a job soon as China’s economy slowly recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. Facing the pressure of finding a job and unaffordable housing prices, Wang Xiaoning, 22, one of China’s 11.58 million university graduates … Read more

Reuters: China’s manufacturing recovery slows, top CCP fears demand drags on recovery

The exterior of the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) held in Guangzhou. WASHINGTON —  According to experts surveyed by Reuters on Friday, April 28, the activity of Chinese industries would reportedly slow down in April. This is due to weak global demand and a continued slump in China’s real estate sector. China’s top leaders say … Read more

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